Microwave and Millimetre solutions to both the private and government sectors.
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Support Services

A large part of the Afren success story is based on our excellent record when it comes to customer support. We believe that this aspect of our operation is what differentiates us from our competition in the market.

Afren offers active monitoring of several of our customers’ networks, resulting in us being able to be pro-active in most instances where there might be a degradation of services.

In cases where we do not have remote access to our customers’ networks, we offer every level of support, from telephonic first-line support, to on-site technical support.

In order to be more efficient, Afren has dedicated rapid-response units in areas where we have a large customer base.

Build and Operate

Due to an ever increasing share of the sub-Saharan wireless infrastructure market, as well as an increased demand for Afren to provide large network deployments, we are now in a position to build large scale networks on a “build to own” basis.

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A big part of Afren’s success has been identifying and partnering with manufacturers of best of breed products, our strategy has been to source the best products to fit our service offerings. We only purchase products directly from the manufacturer, resulting in competitive pricing to our resellers as well as a direct service link to the manufacturer, ensuring quick resolution for all product service requirements. We have resisted the disturbing market trend of sourcing cheaper, inferior equipment and remained true to our insistence on providing “best-of-breed products”.

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Network Planning

Afren assists in all aspects of customer network planning, from conceptualizing the business model and determining the best technology to meet the customer’s needs, to detailed RF engineering, frequency planning, site acquisitions as well as infrastructure solutions for optimised network availability and networking/voice services equipment procurement. Afren balances the introduction of new technologies and related services with the need to reduce costs and increase capacity.

Afren also advises and assists with regulatory applications.

Installation Services

Afren has a team of experienced, highly skilled and vendor-certified RF technicians, who install and commission networks throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Although our administrative offices are based in Gauteng, we have a permanent technical presence in KZN, Eastern and Western Cape, as well as the Free State.

Installation services include site-build with infrastructure, radio and networking installations and monitoring/maintenance equipment, as and when required.


All Afren solutions are offered with a maintenance option, which includes preventative maintenance, equipment spare-holding options, and 24/7/365 technical support to ensure that our customers can fulfil their obligations when things go wrong.