For longer links, higher performance and tolerance to weather conditions, the next logical step is going the route of Licensed Band equipment.

Up until recently, the regulated Licensed Band frequencies have been limited and quietly reserved for the bigger corporates and operators. However, with the shift to a more open regulatory environment and lobbying of private organisations, these frequencies have become more readily available. At a very attractive cost one can have a legal, licensed, long distance link on a private frequency.

AFREN is positioned to provide the StarLink equipment in the 7GHz (up to 70km) and 11Ghz (up to 45km) licensed bands as well. But that’s not all – we will facilitate the entire registration process on your behalf and deliver equipment along with supporting spectrum registration certification from ICASA! We stock our equipment and antennas in SA, thus allowing us to maintain fair pricing for longer without being constantly affected by the ever-fluctuating exchange rate. We are able to provide enterprises, irrespective of size, with a solution that performs above general industry standards at a cost-effective rate.