With the continuous demand by end-users for increasingly faster internet breakout, smoother inter-branch access and an overall improved all-round data connectivity option, providers have had to up their game and meet the demand by using high-capacity products to ensure they can service the ever-increasing pool of clients. The current standard or benchmark is a 100Mbps breakout service, with a guaranteed level of uptime, performance, and latency (important for voice and video applications).


The most prominent medium developed to deliver these levels of speed is Fiber Optic cable. Fiber has several benefits, mainly due to its supreme data-carrying capacity and is robustness. However, key limitations to delivering fiber to new locations are “right of way” rules and the associated costs of implementation. This is a process that involves the local municipality and road works departments to plan and uproot pavements and road infrastructure to get from one building to the next.


This is where Starlink comes into its own. The Starlink product is tailor-made to blend seamlessly with an existing fiber network to satisfy a client’s immediate needs. It is, essentially, a Carrier- Grade solution that is readily available, tested thoroughly and proven across SA, providing real-world fiber-like performance to some of SA’s largest and smallest providers alike. The rise of reliable wideband wireless solutions mean ISPs no longer have to risk a degradation of quality of service to create the cost savings needed for an attractive business case. It offers solutions with fine combination of cost effectiveness & short commission time for the following applications:


  • DSLAM backhaul
  • No right-of-way
  • Extending network from a fiber POP
  • Private Communication networks Private Communication networks